Culinary Research

If you are conducting any type of food and beverage related study, look to the experts of our Culinary Research Center.  We possess significant experience with food and beverage studies, and we have unparalleled facilities to suit a variety of preparation platforms. 

When it's time to engage your target guests to provide menu development feedback, look to Marketing Workshop.

We possess significant experience in the design and execution of both qualitative, quantitative, iterative development and multi-modal studies.

Our Culinary Research Center in the major market of Atlanta is an excellent consumer testing facility with a commercial kitchen to support simple to complex product prep platforms.

Trained and experienced culinary staff are available to support your project, whether you need us to provide chefs or versatile line cooks to augment your team:  as much or as little culinary support as needed.

Multi-market project execution through multi-regional strategic alliances.

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