Client Centric

A Consumer-Led process is the most efficient and effective path to decision.  If you are wondering how to get there, Marketing Workshop extends our experience, working with you to craft a consumer-led development process that is repeatable to maximize your organization’s efficiency of time and resources across the product development cycle.  Ours is a custom approach considering your realities, your products/services, your capabilities, your timing and your budget.

opportunities - ideas - development - refinement - communications - track & adjust - expand

Marketing Workshop serves you by providing you with the intelligence you need to make responsible and confident decisions.  This is our passion; it’s what we exist to do.  We are your team of research consultants who love our work and enjoy the diversity, and the opportunity to explore and discover every day.  Your challenges are our challenges.  Your victories are our victories!

• We are available when you need answers.  We support your needs across time zones and preferences for communication.
• We design custom research programs to meet your specific needs.  There is no one-size-fits-most and we don’t have a hammer assuming all your challenges are nails.
• Our work style is very collaborative and we’ll always lead with our experienced recommendations.
• Our research findings are thorough, comprehensive, concise, actionable, and adaptable to the format that you prefer.
• We deliver value for your investment.

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