Research Manager

The Research Manager is responsible for the management and oversight of all elements of project management within the context of custom, primary marketing research.
The position requires specific skills and professionalism to execute all aspects of research projects.

A marketing-minded investigative researcher with ability and enthusiasm for managing and executing projects from conceptual stages through story telling. Willing to do the heavy lifting. Entrepreneur spirited, corporate arena savvy, hard wired for superior client service. Thrives on collaboration. Ambitious and promotable. Brings proven and demonstrated competencies:
• Background of research management within supplier side organization, minimum 2 years. Client side experience a plus.
• Working knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.
• Consultant mentality.
• Strategic thinker with ability and willingness to undertake the tactical elements of a project.
• Ability to manage multiple research projects fully. From creation to final report and presentation.
• Excellent with in-person and written client interface and possess presentation abilities.
• Embracing teamanship and collaboration.

• Investigative, resourceful and diligent about becoming intimate with client’s brand history, current aspirations, corporate culture, competitive landscape to lend relevant consultation.
• The ability to use research best practices while customizing programs to maximize client investment.
• Experienced with research design and proposal drafting. Questionnaire development, field coordination, all project guiding documents.
• Excellent project organization and detail management, record keeping and chronicling to keep the entire team informed.
• Proficient data management skills – preparation of codes, code nets and data tabulating specifications.
• Design tabulation/analytical plans in collaboration with data sciences team members.
• Writes interpretive summary of results with relevant recommendations, and has ability to create an industry leading presentation.
• Ensures that each project stays on schedule and within budget while adhering to MW quality standards.
• Consult with client about findings, opportunities and solutions for projects we are engaged in.
• Well organized and proficiently conduct client facing meetings and presentations.
• Some, but minimal travel. Conventional hours usually, with non-traditional time commitments ocassionally.