A skilled and dynamic team of marketing research professionals contribute to our clients' projects day in and day out, including research managers, programmers, coding specialists, analysts, and IT managers.
Introducing our leadership team:
Sherri Taylor
Chief Financial Officer
Sherri is a member of Marketing Workshop’s ownership family and serves our financial management needs. She grew up in the business!
Cari Pirello
Cari’s business leadership and marketing executive background are realized by our clients as strategic, relatable and relevant. She is a champion of the “custom” in our custom research and our client centricity.
Bud Sanders
Vice President Marketing Sciences
Bud provides leadership for our research design and analytics functions, and team member continuing education. He is a steward of best practices while constantly seeking the creative, better, most effective path.
Jessica Pryor
Insights Strategy Director
Jessica connects clients' opportunities with custom research solutions. Her client consultations are strategic, intuition-led, and experience driven by the roles she held on the client side in marketing management.
Director of Data Services
Laura leads our data technical services including programming and data management. Her proficiency with data collection and reporting platforms supports our work with a high level of effectiveness and efficiency.
Stacy Nelson
Senior Research Manager
Stacy is a leader among our research management team. Her breadth and depth of experience across a variety of industries and research methodologies is outstanding. Clients realize this in the strategic thinking she brings to each of their projects.

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